How it works

Drop-Off & Pick-Up in Lower Providence, Pennsylvania

Luggage may be dropped off up to 72 hours of Chopperside's departure. (See departure times on the event page.) Once your luggage is dropped off and checked in, it will safely and securely be stored, awaiting it`s journey.  Upon the eve of the official kickoff of your chosen bike week, Chopperside will be on the road.  By the time you arrive, we will be in town awaiting your arrival.  With one call, your luggage will be delivered directly to your doorstep. ENJOY!


During your stay, Chopperside also offers a return solution for spontaneous purchases.  (space permitting)  Please call for availability and pricing.


With the conclusion of bike week, count on Chopperside to pick up your luggage for its safe return. Pickup is on the official final date of bike week at your convenience.  Early pickups will be offered, but none after the official end date.  Once back in Lower Providence, you can pick up your luggage within 48 hours.


So let's get this clear...  You drop it off to us, we deliver it to your doorstep far far away, you have a blast, then we pick it up and bring it safely home, where you come and get it!


"Enjoy your ride and count on Chopperside."