Welcome to Chopperside!

Finally, Chopperside is here to do the obvious. To provide bike enthusiasts the pleasure of proudly riding into town on their passion , knowing their belongings are safely awaiting their arrival.  With our service, make your reservation on our website to reserve your peace of mind.


Chopperside is a bike week luggage courier service that allows you to enjoy the TRUE freedom of the open road.  Chopperside offers courteous, prompt and guaranteed delivery of your personal travel needs to your bike week destinations.  No more drawing straws on who handles the heavy load.  No more mid-ride "Chinese fire drills."  Now you and your crew can enjoy the ride together.


Chopperside will transport/deliver then pickup/return your luggage safely to and from your destination.  Our services are 100% insured and guaranteed.  Not only are we a service to you during bike week, we are also part of the bike week experience.  We are in town for your spontaneous and reckless purchases also.  With a simple call and space permitting, shop away!


We at Chopperside pride ourselves in personally handling all of your cargo.  No more TSA,  hung over baggage handlers tossing your luggage or up charging for weight.  No more cancellations and no more delays.  We got your back!

2020 Trips Coming Soon

You, your best friends, and your passion of hitting the road care free. Isn't that how it was meant?

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